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NQT inductions

An NQT induction is an assessment period lasting 3 terms, which you can usually expect to complete in one academic year, and is designed to ensure that you have a solid grounding in which to continue to build on your skills throughout your teaching career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions and answers to find out more about NQT inductions.

What is the purpose of an induction year?

Statutory induction is the bridge between ITT and a career in teaching. It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the teaching standards. The programme supports the NQT in demonstrating that their performance against the standards is satisfactory by the end of the period and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

What will I learn in my Induction Year?

Your NQT Induction year will be broken down into two elements:

  • Professional Development and Support
  • Assignment against the Teaching Standards

Throughout your NQT induction you will be supported by an in school NQT mentor, a dedicated NQT Partnership mentor as well as access to our NQT Helpline should you have any urgent queries.

What support will I have during my NQT induction?

As well as your tailored programme of professional development, you will receive:

  • 10% reduction in your teaching timetable for you to develop your skills out of the classroom. This is in addition to your 10% PPA time.
  • Support from your Induction tutor/mentor.
  • Reviews on your progress, together with formal meetings each term with your Head Teacher and/or Induction Tutor/Mentor.
  • By gaining a position through The NQT Partnership, you will have regular contact through your induction year from your dedicated consultant as well as access to our CPD courses and NQT Helpline where a Head Teacher is waiting to give you advice and guidance whenever you need it.

How does the Induction period work?

The NQT Induction will be assessed over an academic year, with an assessment at the end of each full term.

When you are reaching the end of a term, you will meet with your Head Teacher / NQT Mentor for a formal assessment. This is to enable you to monitor your progress towards the Teaching Standards consistently over your practice.

Following your first two meetings, your Head teacher will provide a report to the appropriate body (Local Authority or Multi Academy Trust) detailing your progress towards the Teaching Standards.

After your assessment at the end of the third term, your Head teacher will make a recommendation to the appropriate body as to whether your progress towards the standards has been met.

The Local Authority or Multi Academy Trust will then decide whether you have successfully met the requirements to complete your induction and will write to your school and the NCTL to inform them of their decision. You will then be contacted by the NCTL in writing to confirm whether you have successfully completed your NQT Induction period.

Where can I complete my NQT induction?

Your NQT Induction can be completed in most schools throughout the country. The only schools you can’t complete your induction is within a school that has been graded ‘Inadequate’ by OFSTED.

What type of teaching jobs can I find with The NQT Partnership?

All positions with The NQT Partnership are permanent and direct through the school. There is the rare occasion when our positions are long term opportunities for a year – long contract but we will make you aware of those in advance.

Why register with The NQT Partnership?

The NQT Partnership was set up exclusively for NQT’s to secure their first teaching position. We have well established relationships with primary and secondary schools throughout the UK and have an in depth knowledge of our schools ethos, visions and values, their recruitment strategies and their specifications for finding the perfect NQT. As a result, your consultant will work exclusively with you to find a position, in the right school and the right support to allow you to get the best start in your teaching career.

How do I register?

Get in touch with one of our dedicated consultants to discuss how we can help you find the perfect opportunity for you. Our tailored service, includes an initial telephone conversation to discuss your teaching experiences an in depth discussion about your own teaching philosophy, vision, values and ethos. From there, we ask all potential candidates to send over a copy of their CV and Personal Statement (Support and Guidance is available on this). Once we have this, we can then go out into the market and find an opportunity that fits your requirements.

When should I register?

The NQT Partnership support NQTs all year round. Simply put, the earlier the better will ensure you get the best possible schools and have more of a choice. Our client schools are always keen to lock in the best NQTs early as possible to avoid missing out. By registering with The NQT Partnership, you can concentrate on completing your teacher training whilst we do the hard work finding the right opportunities for you. Our schools start their September recruitment as early as the November the year before, sometimes earlier than that. Don’t miss out on some of the great opportunities we have.

How do I know which school will be right for me?

Here at the NQT Partnership we aim to match all of our candidates with the right schools. That’s why we have an in depth discussion with everyone to establish your visions, values, ethos, philosophy and future ambitions to make sure every school we put you forward for is right for you. When presenting a school to you, we ask you to look in detail at the schools website, schools data, schools OFSTED report and the schools vision and values to ensure it matches exactly what you want before you enter the school to avoid wasting any time.

What if I can't take time off from my University course on the day of my interview?

Universities will honour the fact that you have an interview. Usually, Universities will give you a total of 2-3 days leave from your placement to attend an interview. If there is ever an issue with getting out on that specific day we can discuss with our client schools and rearrange a more suitable time for you.

I'm relocating - what support do you offer?

We have supported over 500 NQTs in relocating to London, Manchester and Birmingham and will give you advice and guidance on how to find housing and the right areas to live in, how to manage finances and most importantly we are able to introduce you to other NQTs we place to help start your social network.

Do The NQT Partnership take any money from me?

The answer is simply no. Our service is completely free of charge for NQTs.

Check out our Teacher Resources for the latest guidance from the DfE, including guidance for NQT inductions.