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Frequently Asked Questions part 2

In part 2 part of our 3-part blog series, we answer more questions each candidate regularly asks.

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MD Ashley shares his experience of moving to London to teach

If you’re considering moving to London to start your teaching career, the perfect person to talk to is The NQT Partnership’s Managing Director, Ashley Atmore. Read on to find out more about how he made the decision to start move to London.

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Frequently Asked Questions part 1

The NQT Partnership have put together a few of the most frequently asked questions you might have before you register with us. In this 3 part blog series, we hope that we can answer all of the questions you have.

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Why NQTs want to work in London

We have supported over 500 NQTs in relocating to London, Manchester and Birmingham and will give you advice and guidance on how to find housing and the right areas to live in, how to manage finances and most importantly we are able to introduce you to other NQTs we place to help start your social network.

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Tips for your first year of teaching

As a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) walking in to the classroom, you’ll have the support of your Induction tutor/mentor to guide you through your first year of teaching. As well as a mentor, your NQT Partnership consultant will also be on hand to give advice and guidance wherever it’s needed.

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The NQT Partnership launches

Bluestones Investment Group has launched its latest joint venture, The NQT Partnership. Managing director Ashley Atmore, launched the business in response to the well-documented, widening qualified teacher shortage in London.

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