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The NQT Partnership is London’s leading permanent NQT recruitment service for primary and secondary schools. Unlike supply agencies, we do not provide a day to day supply service, we solely look after supporting schools with their permanent NQT recruitment needs through innovative solutions.

We believe this adds quality and stability to our partner schools who are able to plan their yearly staffing requirements around reliable NQTs. How do we know they’re reliable? Because we take the time to get to know them. Through events, face to face meetings, telephone interviews and consultative advice we get to know each and every NQT and understand the type of school environment they’re looking for.

This means our schools are supplied with ready and willing NQTs who are perfectly matched to the school’s ethos.

As we all know, recruiting high-quality staff is vital in the success of any primary or secondary school. Schools are now having to reach out to candidates through other innovative and creative methods to recruit their staff and we’re one of those ways.

We help schools market themselves to talented NQTs throughout the UK. Why not speak to us today and see how the NQT Partnership can help your school – or fill in our quick contact form to submit an enquiry or vacancy to us.

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Employment-based SCITT

We also help schools recruit and retain excellent staff through our employment-based school-centred initial teacher training programme.

We offer a quality led solution to the very real teacher recruitment crisis. Our 2-year programme trains high calibre and committed graduates, progressing them from TA to teacher.

Alongside a leading university, we provide the necessary skills, using a uniquely blended learning platform we equip graduates with everything required to be a positive, qualified teaching practitioner in your school.

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