Did you know that 95% of the people we place into schools in London aren’t actually from London? It seems like every NQT and his/her dog/cat/hamster is moving down to London to teach and we know why.

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into as you start your teaching career, especially if you’re moving from another part of the country. There is a mix of excitement, questions and nerves. What type of school will you teach in? Where will you live? Will you have any friends!? You won’t have to worry about the latter, trust us – London is actually a friendly place, even if people don’t talk on the tube!

So, when we asked our NQT candidates who we’ve placed into schools why they wanted to move to London, they didn’t just have one reason. Here are the top five reasons why NQTs move to London.


1. Culture and diversity

London is the undisputed centre of the world. London’s airports combined sees more passengers come through their doors than any other airport in the world. Everyone is obsessed with it, from Europeans to Asians. It’s France’s sixth biggest city, bigger than Bordeaux and Nantes due to the number of French people that live there.

This creates a cultural hub where the best of all cultures meet, creating amazing venues, serving food from the far corners of the world. Better than going to your local chippy! There’s always something going on for different tastes too. Wander through Camden to experience the eclectic offerings of the historic locks or head to Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park to hear stories from people from everywhere in the world.

Want to head further afield with ease? Jump on the Eurostar and be in Paris in just over two hours and begin a European adventure with all the school holidays you have!

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2. Career growth

Some of the best schools in the world are located in London, making it an excellent place to experience career development. As a country, we often downplay our schools and the education system but the UK has one of the best and highly thought-of education systems in the world.

In London, our NQTs have benefited from world-leading facilities and support from senior leaders. They have told us that their first year of teaching was a steep learning curve but having the support from senior teachers who also moved to London to teach was a real benefit.

With this support and experience, working in London schools can see your career soar as you progress through a school.

3. Life in London

Yes, this was one of the main reasons with 80% of our NQT candidates choosing this option. London is like no other city in the world, it has everything to offer, on your doorstep. Do you want to see a play on the West End? Do it. Do you want to eat on a rooftop overlooking an iconic cityscape? Head to Sushi Samba. Do you want to end a sunny Friday afternoon with friends outside a flower covered pub? Get your NQT backside down to the Churchill Pub and have Instagram locked and loaded.

Moving to the Big Smoke also offers the option of making a whole load of new friends. Many of our NQTs liken it to starting university again. Some live in a shared house and make friends with the other people living there. Naturally, many don’t work in education so friendships emerge from other sectors leading to different interests and experiences.

4. Job security

Education is naturally a secure career path, but NQTs and teachers are in high demand, especially in London. London has a track record of offering the best roles in the country. Schools in the region have the highest proportion of teachers teaching in their qualified subjects, such as those with science degrees teaching physics.

5. Salary

Surprisingly, salary wasn’t the most important thing for our NQTs. Although it was up there. The starting salary for an inner city London teacher is higher at £29,664 compared to £23,720 outside of London.

Salaries in London continue to outpace the rest of the country throughout teaching careers too, so by the time you reach the upper pay ranges you’re likely to be commanding a salary of £48,244 compared to £39,406 outside of London.

What would be your reason to move to London? London is a great place for NQTs to build a life and a career. To find a job that is right for you, click here.