The interview is your chance to shine but it can also be a difficult thing to prepare for. Follow our top tips and you’re on the right path.


We said it on the previous page but do your research on the school. Look at the website, the latest news and Ofsted reports. Make sure you’re smartly dressed, know where the school is and how to get there and arrive slightly early. It’s also important to have a number of questions prepared about the school ethos and the role too.

Teacher interview success

Make it personal

In advance, think of the questions that you could be asked and base your answers on personal experience. Schools will understand, as an NQT, that you may not have a wealth of classroom experience. You could, therefore, base your answers on university experience or from a role in a previous sector.

Prepare a lesson

Interviews often come with a requirement to deliver a lesson. Ensure you know as much information as possible prior. Do you know how long the lesson will last? How many children there will be? What levels are the children working at? This will allow you to deliver the lesson with confidence.

Be robust

Don’t be surprised if you’re interviewed by a panel of people. This is the normal process in some schools. One or two of the interviewers may make it a difficult experience. They are testing a key trait, robustness so don’t be overly concerned by this.

Accept a tour

Schools often offer guided tours of the school.  Try to take them up on this offer.  Think of it as a pre-interview. Show interest in the school, ask questions about it and the classes. Not only will this impress the school, it will give you information for your interview.