It’s time to head into the classroom! Your brain is full of wonderful PGCE theory that you’re just itching to put into practice. You’ve found a school, appointed a mentor and have been planning for weeks what your lessons will look like, what you will say to your new pupils on their first day and you’ve been to the shop to get a barrage of wonderful stationery items – and some extras for those children that are sometimes a little forgetful.

But you want to do more, you feel you could be doing more, you have a desire to explore different methods! That’s fine and completely normal, which is why it’s helpful to have a few key resources on hand to help you along the way.

In this blog, we’ve listed our top five favourite places to go for primary teaching resources for NQTs. Throughout your career, you will discover hundreds more, but these are our favourite at the moment. It’s worth bookmarking them for future reference.

Primary NQT resources

Primary NQT teaching resources

1. Twinkl

Of course, it’s Twinkl. As one of the biggest teaching resourcing sites in the UK, it offers a wide range of primary resources to choose from. It covers planning and assessments, offering texts and packs to get you started.

It has resources for all subjects from music to maths and some of them are free – check them out here.

There is a paid membership which starts at £4.49 per month. With that, you receive around the clock support and customised resources for you. It also allows you to create your own resources which many teachers rely on throughout their careers.

We suggest trying out the free resources first and if you like it, either pay for it or ask if your school has a membership that you can have access to.

NQT primary resources

2. Teaching Ideas

Teaching Ideas offers a fantastic range of resources from time fillers like ‘spot the spelling’ or ‘phrase of the day’ such as a “friend in need is a friend indeed” which you can discuss the meaning of with your class.

It also has a lot of posters which you can download and print for your classroom, such as this one about angles!

The resources are free and as such the website relies on adverts to make money. Be careful to click the correct download link when choosing a resource or use an ad blocking extension or browser.

3. Primary resources

This one does exactly what it says in the title. The site is updated quite regularly by the administrators as well as by contributors. When you head here you can see a useful selection of resources that teachers have submitted, which is nice, because you know that if it’s working for them it’ll likely work for you too.

The site’s resources come in different formats too, some in Word documents and others in PowerPoint presentation templates. This means you can adapt them at your leisure and you don’t have to start from scratch creating new resources.

If you’re experiencing behaviour management issues, this page has a helpful selection of resources.

4. TES

With over 350,000 primary resources made by teachers for teachers, you’ll never be short of a time filler, lesson plan or activity for your classroom. You can even share your own resources by uploading them directly to the website.

Not all resources are free but there is a wide range of ones that are. For paid resources, you’ll never normally pay more than £3 if you really like something.

5. Teach it Primary

Teach it Primary is a thriving community of teachers contributing resources, discussing ideas and finding inspiration.

By subscribing you gain access to thousands of adaptable Word, PowerPoint and interactive resources. There is a free option which provides access to PDFs, a ‘Teachit Timer’ and access to their portal ‘Teachit’ which is a way to save time and organise your resources.

The entry-level paid subscription costs £49.95 per year and provides everything the free version does and much more, such as 25 teaching packs worth over £250, whiteboard activities and adaptable resources.

The above are our top five resources for primary NQTs. If you come across any amazing resources, why not contribute to our forum and let other NQTs know?

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