If you’re considering moving to London to start your teaching career, the perfect person to talk to is The NQT Partnership’s Managing Director, Ashley Atmore. Read on to find out more about how he made the decision to start move to London.

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Ashley Atmore picture“Here at the NQT Partnership, we support 100’s of NQTs each year in relocating to London to find their first permanent teaching post. I want to share with you my own experiences and what London really has to offer.

Teaching in London is one of the most rewarding experiences. As someone who relocated from The North of England, trained in rural Primary schools in Lincolnshire and moved to London, it was the most daunting, but exciting experience.

It was a huge decision for me to leave my comfort zone of ‘The North’ and move to the ‘Bustling city of London’. At 21, I took the plunge after completing my BA Primary Education QTS from Bishop Grosseteste University and moved to East London (Walthamstow) a world away from what I was used too. I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t make friends at first. It was hard to approach others, but I soon began to realise that there were so many other young 20 odds who had done the same move and within weeks of moving here, I started to grow my social circle quite significantly.

I then began applying to teaching positions and took the first school I was offered in East London! It was a ‘Satisfactory’ 2 form entry primary school in the East End. It was tough, but I had the best Senior Leaders around me – a supportive network making my NQT year an absolute blast.

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I really felt that I was making a bigger impact to a child’s future, particularly because for the class I was teaching, Education was the only stable thing in their lives. I got to experience working with children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, something I hadn’t experienced before, which made this journey so much more exciting because there was always a new unknown each and every day.

In London we have the opportunity to utilise this city. Despite the disadvantages children in Inner city schools face, there are so many advantages. Museums, Tours, Walks, Pop ups, Farms etc etc.. the list is endless. There are so many opportunities for you to make your teaching engaging and creative. Why does learning always have to be in the classroom?

After many successful years in teaching in a Tower Hamlets school, I decided it was time for a break from the classroom. We all know it’s tiring. I didn’t want to go too far from Education so took a position within Education recruitment. For the last 5-6 years I have been supporting NQTs as they make the same journey I did. Now, even as Managing Director of the NQT Partnership, I still get that buzz each time I place an NQT into a London school knowing the difference they are going to make to a child’s future and the impact that they can have on them and the school we place them in.

Food for thought…

• Cost of Living – Yes, London is expensive but you don’t have to live in Central London. London has 32 Metropolitan Boroughs which vary in price. What you always have to remember is that in London, you are paid more than the rest of England and Wales to reflect the higher costs. The average starting salary for 2018 is £28,660. Nearly £6,500 more than the rest of the NQT population.
• Progression – In your 2nd year of teaching, it’s definitely feasible to be taking on management roles such as Subject leadership. London schools are constantly growing, and as they do, so do the opportunities to teach. By taking on those responsibilities, within 7-10 years you can easily be in reach of Senior Leadership roles.
• Living – Here at the NQT Partnership we work closely with a number of Letting agents that can help support you in finding a place to live. As a seasoned Londoner, I know great places to live and things to do in those areas!
• London – London isn’t just Central London, there are many places that are more rural and have a ‘Village’ type feel and only 20-30 minutes on tubes or trains into the city.

If you are contemplating a move to London to start your teaching career or would like more information then please get in touch with the team at The NQT Partnership who will be able to support you and guide you in every way possible to make finding and securing a position simple.

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