You know what? Finding your first teaching job is not easy. You’ve come off the back of a year of intense study and some practical experience straight into to the deep end. Your lecturers have said ‘fly my pretties, now is your time to shine. I release you!’ Or something along those lines anyway, maybe they just said ‘good luck’ or ‘go and set the world alight, champ’. OK, OK, maybe not as patronising as that. But you get the gist.

You’re now free from university and right in the thick of the job search. You’re keen to get into the classroom and begin your teaching career. Where do you start? Perhaps by contacting the team at the NQT Partnership!? As the name suggests, we’re all about NQTs and nothing else. We specialise solely in helping NQTs find jobs and we have so many schools working with us. Do you want to know more about how we can help? Here are just five of the ways…

Helping NQTs

How we help NQTs find jobs

1. Awesome tips on the job process

We’re here to guide you all the way and one of the ways in which we do that is through our guides and blog resources. On our website you have access to a plethora of material, covering everything from writing personal statements to what it’s like to work in London schools.

Our ultimate NQT Guide is exactly what it says it is and it can be downloaded for free! This guide runs through the job search, personal statement, interview processes as well providing indispensable advice on what to expect in your first year. Sound good? Download it HERE.

2. Experienced consultants

Here at The NQT Partnership we only hire experienced consultants who have worked in the education sector before. Some of us have worked as teachers so understand the process that NQTs go through very well. Some of our consultants have worked in education recruitment for many years and therefore are brilliant at matching NQTs’ needs with schools and vice versa.

Whatever background our consultants come from we are understanding of the importance of looking after your career because, when you succeed we succeed also.

3. Jobs jobs jobs

Does it sound like we’re bragging too much yet? Stick with us, there are three more ways (at least) how we help NQTs.

We work with hundreds of schools in London and the surrounding boroughs and regions. The big benefit here is that, while your individual approach to schools may take you some time, we can curate a personal statement with you and contact many of our schools on your behalf – this is free by the way. In fact, our service to you doesn’t cost a single penny at any point.

Truthfully, we have many schools working with us who are looking for a wide variety of NQTs. So, if you’re looking for primary, we can help; if you’re looking for secondary we can help with that too.

4. Speed dating with schools

One of the ways we do this is through speed dating! The reason we do this is that the competition between schools in London for NQTs can be quite intense. Therefore, we want to give NQTs and schools the chance to get to know each other a little bit before going through to the interview stage.

Typically, we have a few candidates and numerous school decision makers in a meeting room. They spend 15 minutes with each other. At the end of it, NQTs decide on the schools that they like and similarly, schools do the same. At the end, we match you and begin the formal interview process. Sounds fun right?

5. Ongoing help through your first year

Once we’ve placed our NQTs our support doesn’t stop there. Our tagline, after all, is ‘more than just a placement’. This means that we don’t just leave you when you’re placed in a school.

We’re on hand to help you through it. Our experts will allay any concerns and answer any queries you may have.

And that’s it. Only a quick snippet of some of the ways that we help NQTs. Don’t forget to click the button below to download our Ultimate NQT Guide.