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The 5 best plants for your first desk as a teacher

You have secured your first teaching position at your dream school and you are wondering how to personalise your desk. Why not a plant? Plants can help create a calming,…

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How to handle poor behaviour as an NQT

Inevitably, as a teacher, you will encounter poor behaviour in the classroom and the communal areas. At first, as an NQT you may find it difficult to know how to…

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Top 5 resources for primary NQTs

It’s time to head into the classroom! Your brain is full of wonderful PGCE theory that you’re just itching to put into practice. You’ve found a school, appointed a mentor…

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The challenges you will face in your first year of teaching

As with any new job, there is a steep learning curve when you first start. This is no different as an NQT. Many of the challenges you will face in…

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Why NQTs are moving to London

Did you know that 95% of the people we place into schools in London aren’t actually from London? It seems like every NQT and his/her dog/cat/hamster is moving down to…

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10 tips for surviving and thriving in your NQT year

Here at the NQT Partnership, we want to help you as much as we can in your first year as an NQT. Our support doesn’t stop when we find you…

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Five tips for your first year of teaching

Planning your first term So you’ve finished your PGCE and (with the help of the NQT Partnership) you’ve secured your perfect position in your dream school.

Five ways we help NQTs

You know what? Finding your first teaching job is not easy. You’ve come off the back of a year of intense study and some practical experience straight into to the…

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How to write an NQT personal statement

Hey! Thanks for coming to our page about how to write a personal statement as a teacher. This is a topic which has been covered by loads of websites so…

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Teacher interview: How to get the job

The interview is your chance to shine but it can also be a difficult thing to prepare for. Follow our top tips and you’re on the right path.